The decision to transition from the old eDPS system to AxiomHQ was driven by a desire for heightened security, cost efficiency, and a more than optimal move to the cloud environment. For WISE Components, the decision to opt for AxHQ was based on the belief that it represented the future of their space.


Discover how Axiom Software empowered Sourceability’s remarkable journey towards becoming a billion-dollar company. Our robust ERP system and exceptional support played a pivotal role in their rapid growth and reputation as a leading electronic components distributor.


Electronic Connector Company (ECCO) has forged a reputation as a premier authorized value-add distributor serving the world’s leading connector, switch, and wire accessory manufacturers. When new owners bought ECCO, they realized that their legacy computer system had become severely limited as the company grew over time. They needed a scalable system to help their firm achieve consistent growth—and ePDS proved to be the perfect solution.


Over the years, BJG Electronics experienced robust growth. Their legacy ERP system met their needs for a long time, but their operational needs soon outgrew their technology. BJG is an ever-evolving enterprise—and ePDS was specifically designed to accommodate that evolution. See how our flagship ERP system transformed their operation.


Like other electronic component distributors, AGS faced a number of significant operational obstacles when it came to managing data. They were dealing with a long list of disparate systems, lacked traceability, and required automation—and found their ultimate solution in ePDS.


Edge regards Axiom Software as an absolutely vital business partner, a valued collaborator who knows Edge’s operations, culture, business needs, and business goals inside and out, and is therefore an essential ingredient in Edge’s future success. The flexibility Axiom offers allows Edge to consider their future from every possible angle.


SMD’s relationship with Axiom has enabled them to become a nimble, energetic company capable of quickly acting in response to emerging situations by giving them immediate access to data at every level, ranging from quick financial snapshots to in-depth operational information.


Hughes-Peters has experienced meaningful business improvements since upgrading to Axiom Software’s scalable system. Additionally, Hughes-Peters has benefitted from the ongoing collaborative relationship they’ve developed with the Axiom team, which allows Hughes-Petersto continually re-assess their operation and find software enhancements to improve it.


Phoenics Electronics realized that they would quickly outpace their existing ERP system and began searching for more comprehensive software with higher capacity and greater customization abilities. After researching the competition, they knew that Axiom Software would meet—and exceed—their growing capacity demands.


With rampant success comes exponential growth, and Electro Enterprises had rapidly outgrown their homegrown ERP system. Company leadership shopped around for right-fit ERP software, and when they discovered Axiom Software, it was immediately “very apparent that the system caters toward value added distributors in the electronics industry.