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ePDS is the most well-supported ERP platform on the market. And that’s not a claim we make lightly.


We know that getting a new ERP system up and running is no laughing matter. That’s why Axiom Software provides on-site training for your existing staff to make sure you hit the ground running on day one – and we even keep our team on-site throughout your first week to iron out any wrinkles as they crop up.

And this doesn’t stop once your new system has been fully implemented. We’re available to train and re-train your team on new features and functionalities as needed in order to make sure that you’re always operating at 100% and taking full advantage of everything ePDS has to offer.


With other software providers, how often has it happened that something goes wrong with your system, but you don’t know who to contact? You call the vendor, only to find yourself talking to a half-trained technical support phone handler who can’t help you – and can barely understand your problem.

Axiom takes client care to the next level; when you call Axiom for support, you won’t get a call center. You’ll get the team that built the software, with all the in-depth knowledge they have of your ERP system. You’ll get the specialists who implemented it for your company, who know your operations almost as well as you do. And you’ll get experts who are ready and able to discuss your needs and help your ERP system meet them.

We’re your long-term collaborative partner and off-site tech team, always on call to make sure that you’re working at full capacity.

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